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Patient Testimonials

"During my first appointment I felt an immediate change in my body's chemistry and knew acupuncture would work for me. I am happy to say, I was eventually able to get pregnant and my son will be turning two this fall. I will forever be grateful and thankful for Kyung-Ha, for helping me feel so much better and changing my life."

JC - August 2020

"It was my first time here and all I can say is thank you ! After being told to do steroid injections for my back pain issues, which I do not want to do, I felt the need to explore accupuncture. I have not felt this good in months ! The doctor was amazing and I’m so glad I tried this place . I highly recommend her and her staff . They are so friendly kind and caring ! Best decision I’ve done for myself in a long time thank you oriental healing you guys are amazing looking forward to my next visit!"

RP - August 2020

"Kyung Ha is an amazing healer, I have been going to her clinic for about 7 years. She is kind, intuitive and talented and always uses natural methods. When I go to the clinic I trust her healing talent and know I have been cared for and will be healed."

JL -  July 2020

"Such a great way to start my day at the clinic. Felt great after! Thanks for always listening and treating each client as unique as we all are."

RL - June 2020

"I had a wonderful experience with the Oriental Healing Arts Clinic! Nice staff and calm space. After my first treatment, I felt healthy, invigorated, and my senses seemed heightened. Will definitely go again."

CO - July 2020

"Indeed, Acupuncture Specialist Kyung-Ha is gifted to treat patients in need of her experties. My son & I went to her to assist my son for his continuous care to full recovery. I am pleased with her caring ways towards my son. Literally he felt better and mentioned that to me on the way driving back home. As a mother who hope the best or my son I was relieved to know we will rest and assured that he has better days ahead of him. Many times I can see the side of his face the tight muscles and it brakes my heart. Lately my son is able to smile easier. I highly recommend anyone in need of her care to call and schedule for an appointment and get better. I have numbness on my left arm myself I need her help as well. Once again Kyung-Ha thank you. Merçi...gracias...obrigado."

CV - July 2020

"Kyung-Ha is a truly gifted & intuitive healer, on all levels; using acupuncture, nutritional guidance and supplements, for treatments of all manner of ailments. She treats the whole person. Highly recommended."

AW - July 2020

"Kyung Ha has been such an amazing gift to me and my well being. From my very first visit, it was obvious that Kyung Ha is gentle, caring and sincere in wanting to help improve whatever it is that guided you to her. Kyung Ha is a true healer!"

SC - July 2020

"I met Kyung-Ha several years ago when I had a problem with my blood pressure that was significant enough for a ride in the white truck with red shiny lights. After many unsuccessful attempts to find the right medications to stabilize my problem I decided to try Acupuncture.

Kyung-Ha was very straightforward with me, and said that acupuncture treatments may not take the place of meds, but it had helped other people with my difficulties. My first treatment was painless and relaxing and I felt very calm afterwards. When I had received a few treatments and started taking some herbal supplements she had recommended my BP numbers began dropping by several points. More importantly, rather than the sometimes stupefying, out-of-body experiences I had on meds, acupuncture makes me feel rested and alert.

My experience is not an uncommon one at the clinic. Kyung-Ha treats the whole person and makes recommendations that may seem minor (compared to some of the poking and prodding I've experienced for this problem) but her treatments and recommendations always seem to help me."

JC - May 2020

"I have been a patient of Oriental Healing Arts Clinic for 21 years. I am a firm believer in Oriental medicine, practices and acupuncture treatments. I have recommended a lot of close personal friends and family members to seek treatment from Kyung-Ha. She is talented, smart...constantly educating herself to further advance her practice...and loyal. Oriental Healing Arts IS an essential health clinic for all who seek alternative medicine for the true improvement of their health."

RS - April 2020

"Love and miss it been going there for many years and she has helped me so much cannot wait to get back to see her and her mom."

AL - April 2020

"I have been going to see Kyung-Ha off and on for years. Let me say that I have had physical issues that use to be treated by prescription medications. Never taking care of the problem. After treatments from Kyung Ha, I no longer take prescription medication of any kind and have never felt better!"

SC - April 2020

"Excellent clinic full of light. I have been going here for years. Healing energy is very strong here. Kyung- Ha is a gifted healer with a lot of intuitive ability’s also. Definitely wouldn’t go anywhere else."

GK - April 2020

"It is said that we are all born with a very special gift. To have recognized it, live your life by it, and to share it with others is truly a blessing. Thank you Kyung Ha for sharing your amazing gift of healing. Not only physically, but also spiritually. Also, thank you for recommending and supplying the Daily Immune and Probiotic supplements. I know they are helping to keep me safe during these times."

SC - April 2020

"Kyung-Ha is a true healer. Her intuitive approach to treatment transforms physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being for all who see her."

JF - February 2020

"First experience with acupuncture was here. Since I’ve been to 10 or more different places and techniques from Arab, Russian, Nordic and on and on. This was the best ever and since trying every place along my travels I will only go here. Mind and body changing experience. Kyung-Ha will convert even the biggest sceptics. She is also one of the most beautiful people I’ve encountered, both physically and spiritually. I love this place and her and her mom make you feel very comfortable and her knowledge and professionalism is top notch. I had a back issue (pinched nerve) 6 months of progressively worse, pain meds, doctors, massage, chiropractors , zero help to the point of no sleep and crying at night (and I’m a tough man) 1st visit fixed 3 days later I was at 85% second visit 4 days later , fixed never had that issue again."

TB - October 2019

"Kyung Ha is amazing. What ever my ailment was she has helped me.She is kind and really cares for about her patients. I can't say enough good things about her."

JL - August 2018

"I wanted to say thank you for my first acupuncture treatment which was unexpected but synchronized when I met the owner in the hallway of our building. I had alot of pain in various parts of my body and the treatment left me pretty much pain free. I will be back. Thank you Kyung-Ha."

LBR - June 2018

"From my very first visit, I felt the release of blocked energy. My experience has truly been transforming. Kyung-Ha is a gifted healer, she is pure 100% LOVE. I am a Reiki master with over 20 years' experience and I follow a daily meditation/healing practice. My time with Kyung-Ha has shifted my energy is ways I have not been able to do on my own. When I started seeing her, I had no clear vision of my future, and was struggling with low energy. In six short weeks, I now feel hopeful about my future and have a clear vision based on trust. They say weight issues are just a side effect of something else going on. Kyung-Ha is showing me the path toward a healthy, balanced body. I have recommended Kyung-Ha to many of my friends, and they are all having similar positive experiences."

SS - June 2017

"I came in with sciatica, back and knee pain, after four visits all pain was gone. It has been 6 months plus and I still have not had anymore issues. She is a wonderful healer!"

MKH - December 2016

"Well hello Kyung-Ha, It's been almost 3 years since I moved however I never stopped thinking about you. You saved my life. I was so sick when I found you. After doctors prescribed one toxic medicine after another I was broken down. Then they couldn't get me well. After a couple of surgeries and many bowel blockages I found you.
It wasn't easy for you or me to fix me but with your guidance on proper nutrition and your treatments I was saved. I truly believe you were my angel.
You even came to my house after I broke my leg because I couldn't get up your stairs. Again I was extremely sick from all the toxic meds that were pumped into me at the hospital.
Thank you for everything you do, saving one person at a time. Big hugs to you and mom."

DO - December 2016

"Kyung-Ha is absolutely amazing! I couldn't have gotten better without her."

MJ - October 2016

"I had never tried Acupuncture before, but had heard that it can really help for so many various things. I thought that I would give it a try and went to Oriental Healing Arts Clinic to see if it would help with my hurt back. I immediately felt at ease with Kyung-Ha. She has a very caring and warm way about her. She took the time to explain to me why this would help me and she was very gentle with this Acupuncture newbee. To my surprise, it did not hurt one bit. She left many needles in me and left me to rest for a while. While I laid there I was feeling so relaxed. She returned a while later and removed the needles. My back pain was not totally gone, but I had a very bad ruptured disc and my pain level was considerably lower. I have since returned many times for the same procedure, and over this time my back is feeling so much better than it has in years. I am very grateful to Kyung-Ha for making me feel so much better."

PC - September 2016

"A help at the right time. Very observant positive person combined with skill and know how."

JH - April 2016

"Kyung-Ha has been a blessing to my daughters health and overall spirit. Her calm healing energy rejuvenates my daughter weekly."

MCW - February 2016

"Thank you Kyung-Ha, you are truly an amazing healer, motivator and inspiring person! You always make me feel better inside and out!"

MC - February 2016

"My poodle and I enjoy and reap the healing benefits of acupuncture with "the magical Kyung-Ha" - she has helped both of us in many different ways - grief, health, growing from puppy tonight girl (now 2), digestive issues, sad heart- amazing woman - she's a slice of heaven - so give yourself an hour to get a little."

KL - January 2016

"Kyung-Ha was recommended to me by one of my good friends...she raved about the success she had with Kyung-Ha's treatments. Finally, about 6 months ago, I decided to give it a try for stress-management and immune system support. I am amazed by the changes that have happened both physically and mentally in these past 6 months. I don't know why this works, but there is no doubt in my mind that it is a significant tool in keeping your body and mind healthy!! So glad I gave it a try!"

DC - December 2014

"One of the greatest finds of my life. Kyung-Ha is the real deal. A true intuitive/healer on top of being an acupuncturist. I am blown away with her ability to be a healer on all levels, the physical, the mental and the spiritual. If you are looking for your average acupuncturist, you may want to look some where else. Kyung-Ha is above and beyond average. If you want to find the real deal, someone who is on "the path" and truly has a desire to serve, this is your lady. Her heart center is wide open and you can feel the divine love that radiates from her soul. I can't stress enough, its one thing to be a trained acupuncturist, its another thing all together to be a true intuitive and healer. She is a rare find and one of the greatest kept secrets in eastern Massachusetts. I would recommend her to anyone; If you are in physical pain, she is for you. If this is part of your spiritual path and working with your energetic body, she is for you. I can't express my love and gratitude for this lady in words. Such an amazing, beautiful soul. I count down the days every week to my weekly session."

DPW - November 2014

"Kyung Ha has helped me with so many things. I go and know when I leave my life and health will be better. Thank you Kyung Ha!!!"

JL - April 2014

"Awesome 20 mile run today! Great listen on the run, Chi Running! If you haven't already done so, it's a must read/listen. Thanks to Kyung Ha at Oriental Healing Arts Clinic for the recommendation."

CK - March 2014

"A year ago, I was suffering with various issues related to anxiety and PMDD. They were affecting my life negatively, making it hard for me to function. After less than a year of acupuncture, I am far more at peace, calmer, sick less often and able to function. Kyung-Ha is very caring and listens to treat the areas where I need it. I don't know why I waited to try acupuncture!"

EC - January 2014

"Those needles were wonderful!"

RP - January 2014

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